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Russian agricultural machinery market research

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This report is dedicated to the complex analysis of the Russian agricultural machinery market.

The object of this research is main types of agricultural machinery, including large-size and small-size agricultural machines, mounted equipment, equipment for soil cultivation and treatment, seeding and planting of crops, harvesting, as well as equipment used in livestock breeding.

Main tasks of the research are assessment of the industry investment attractiveness and determination of basic quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the market both in whole and by separate types of machinery.

Report consists of 3 parts and 12 chapters.

The first part contains general principles of agricultural machinery classification.

The second part of the report contains general information about agricultural machinery world market.

The third part contains the description of the Russian agricultural sector and its primary development trends which predetermine the demand for agricultural engineering products.

The fourth part of the report is dedicated to the analysis of the Russian agricultural machinery market. It contains data concerning the fleet of machines in use. Basic market parameters (volume and structure of consumption, domestic production, import and export) and its trends have been analyzed from 2006 till 2010. There has been presented information about agricultural machinery prices, product marketing and consumption characteristics. A separate chapter is dedicated to the analysis of the current state of the agricultural engineering in Russia. The last chapters give the forecast of development of the market and domestic agricultural engineering till 2020.

The end of the report contains the summary.

The database of major Russian agricultural machinery manufacturers dominating in the niche market segments is applied to the report.

Research target audience: potential investors, companies planning to enter the market, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery.

The analysis was carried out using desk research.

Major sources of information:
Data of the Federal State Statistics Service;
Data of the Federal Customs Service;
Data of the Ministry of Agriculture;
Data of the Ministry of Economic Development;
Data of the Rosagromash Association;
External publications in industry federal and regional mass media;
Manufacturing plant materials, etc.
Content of the report «Russian agricultural machinery market review»

1. Types of Agricultural Machinery
2. Volume and Structure of the World Agricultural Machinery Market
2.1. Volume and Dynamics of Development
2.2. Type Structure
2.3. Regional Structure
3. World Leading Manufacturers of the Agricultural Machinery
3.1. World Market Structure by Manufacturers
3.2. Profiles of the Main Manufacturers
3.2.1. John Deere
3.2.2. Case New-Holland
3.2.3. AGCO
3.2.4. CLAAS
4. Competitive Analysis
4.1. Product Line Politics
4.2. Financial and Economic Indicators
5. Russian Agribusiness Structure
5.1. Overview
5.2. Production Sector
5.3. Financial Sector
5.3.1. Banks
5.3.2. Leasing Companies
5.4. Infrastructure
5.4.1. Supply and Service Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery
5.4.2. Second-hand Machinery Shipment
5.5. Science and Education
5.6. Consumption
6. State Support of Russian Agribusiness
6.1. PNP «Agribusiness Development » (2006–2008)
6.2. State program of agricultural sector development and agricultural production, primary products and foodstuff markets regulation for 2008–2012
6.3. Additional Measures of Economic Support
6.4. Other Federal and Departmental Target-Oriented Programs
6.5. Financial Provision of Agricultural Manufacturers
7. Capital Investments in Russian Agribusiness
7.1. Capital Investments
7.2. Productive Capacities Commissioning
8. Development of Agricultural Sector in Russia
8.1. General indicators
8.2. Plant Breeding
8.3. Animal Breeding
8.4. Economic Crisis Impact on Agricultural Sector Development
8.5. Agricultural sector Development Outlook
9. Agricultural Machinery Fleet of Russia
9.1. Agricultural Machinery Fleet Increase Dynamics
9.1.1. Main Types
9.1.2. Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters
9.2. Agricultural Machinery Fleet Structure
9.2.1. Main Types
9.2.2. Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters
9.3. Technological Level of Agricultural Sector
9.4. Agricultural Machinery Fleet Increase Forecast up to 2020
9.4.1. Main Types
9.4.2. Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters
10. General Information on Russian Agricultural Machinery Market
10.1. Market Volume and Dynamics of Development
10.2. Market Structure
10.2.1. Market Structure by Segment
10.2.2. Domestic Production and Import Ratio
10.2.3. Major Market Players
10.3. Domestic Production
10.3.1. Domestic Production Volume and Dynamics
10.3.2. Domestic Production Structure
10.4. Foreign Trade
10.4.1. Foreign Trade Balance
10.4.2. Volume and Structure of Imports
10.4.3. Volume and Structure of Exports
10.4.4. Trade Relations with the Republic of Belarus
10.5. Key Market Trends
10.6. Characteristics of Certain Russian Agricultural Machinery Market Segments
10.6.1. Agricultural Tractors
10.6.2. Combine Harvesters
10.6.3. Tillage Machines
10.6.4. Sowing Machines
10.6.5. Fertilizers Applicators and Wetting Machines
10.6.6. Crop Protection Machines
10.6.7. Postharvest Handling and Storage Machines and Equipment
10.6.8. Root Crop Harvesters
10.6.9. Forage Conservation Machines
10.7. Price Analysis
10.7.1. Main Types Agricultural Machinery Prices Dynamics
10.7.2. Comparison of Prices for Russian and Foreign Agricultural Machinery
10.8. Marketing
10.9. Consumption Characteristics
10.9.1. Demand Creation Factors
10.9.2. Demand Seasonality
10.9.3. Consumer Groups
10.9.4. Criteria for Selection of Agricultural Machinery and the Service Demands
11. Analysis of the Current State of Agricultural Engineering in Russia
11.1. Overview
11.2. Main Characteristics of Industry
11.2.1. Regional Distribution of Manufacturers
11.2.2. Structure of Manufacturers by Size
11.2.3. Structure of Manufacturers by Type of Ownership
11.2.4. Industry Level of Concentration
11.2.5. Financial and Economic Indicators
11.2.6. Capacity Utilization
11.3. Leading Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers
11.3.1. Holdings
11.3.2. Leading Manufacturers by Market Segment
11.4. Investment Activity in the Industry
11.5. Systemic Problems in the Industry
11.5.1. Small Amount of Investment in R&D
11.5.2. Domestic Market Orientation
11.5.3. Low Operational Efficiency
11.5.4. Lack of Available Financial Instruments
11.6. State Support for the Industry
11.6.1. Support for Russian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers
11.6.2. Stimulating Demand for Agricultural Machinery
12. SWOT Analysis of the Industry
13. Russian Agricultural Machinery Market Development Forecast up to 2020
13.1. Factors Affecting the Market Development
13.2. Scenarios for the Development of Demand for Agricultural Machinery
13.3. Agricultural Machinery Market Forecast up to 2020
13.3.1. Market Volume
13.3.2. Market Structure
13.4. Financial Resources for Demand for Agricultural Machinery in 2020
14. Development Strategy for Agricultural Engineering in Russia up to 2020
14.1. Strategic Development Objectives
14.2. Development Alternatives
14.2.1. Model Scenarios for the Development of Russian Agricultural Engineering
14.2.2. Model Scenarios for the Development of Key Industry Segments
14.3. Key Industry Indicators in Case of Implementation of the Strategy
14.3.1. Summary Results of the Implementation of the Strategy
14.3.2. Summary Results of the Implementation of the Strategy in Case of Russia's WTO Accession
14.4. Investment Projects to Achieve Strategic Objectives
15. Conclusions and Recommendations
15.1. Russian Agricultural Machinery Fleet
15.2. Russian Agricultural Machinery Market
15.3. Recommendations
Appendix 1. Volume and Dynamics of the Market of the Main Types of Agricultural Machinery in Physical Terms
Appendix 2. Volume and Dynamics of the Production of the Main Types of Agricultural Machinery in Physical Terms
Appendix 3. Volume and Dynamics of the Import of the Main Types of Agricultural Machinery in Physical Terms
Appendix 4. Volume and Dynamics of the Export of the Main Types of Agricultural Machinery in Physical Terms
Appendix 5. Main Indicators of the Implementation of the Agricultural Engineering Development Strategy in Russia up to 2020
Appendix 6. FEACC Codes and Customs Duties for the Main Types of Agricultural Machinery

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